European hospitals subjected to cyber attack by Russian hackers

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 European hospitals were attacked by Russian hackers

Russian hackers from Killnet attacked the websites of medical institutions in the Netherlands and other European countries on January 30.

In particular, the website of the Groningen University Medical Center was attacked. A spokesperson for the digital security hospitals partnership Z-Cert said that the hospital's website is down on a regular basis, and other organizations have also been notified of the threat of attacks.

In addition to medical facilities in the Netherlands, hospitals in Scandinavia were also on the list , the United States, Poland, Britain and Germany.

The organizers of the cyberattack argued their actions by saying that they are fighting against the institutions of those countries that support the “Ukrainian Nazis”. and indicated that 31 Dutch medical institutions were also included in the list of attacks.

Attacks on UMCG affected only the website — Patients' electronic cards were not affected.

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