European country disappeared from the map of the world: “crushed by the neighbor”

Европейская страна исчезла с карты мира: «давил сосед»

After signing the Protocol on accession to NATO from the world map disappeared one European country

Macedonia officially became Northern Macedonia. This occurred after official publication in the government Official Gazette of the so-called Prespan agreement on renaming the country, changes in the country’s Constitution to change its name and the law on the introduction of these changes.

On Monday, February 11, Macedonian authorities began to remove from the facades of public institutions signs with the old name of the country.

Macedonia since the disintegration of Yugoslavia was arguing with Greece because of the name. Athens insists Macedonia changed its name to avoid confusion with the homonymous Greek province with which it shares borders.

Европейская страна исчезла с карты мира: «давил сосед»

At the request of Greece took Macedonia to the UN in 1993 under the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece blocked the accession of Macedonia in the European Union and NATO.

After Macedonia’s Parliament approved the government’s proposal on amendments to the Constitution regarding the change of name of the country on 6 February, the permanent representatives of all 29 member countries of NATO signed the Protocol of accession of the Republic of North Macedonia in NATO.

The next step on his ten year journey of the North Atlantic Alliance – the ratification of the Protocol by the parliaments of the countries-members of the bloc, after which it will go for ratification to the Parliament of Macedonia. It already made the Greek Parliament.

It is expected that this process will be completed this year, then the December NATO summit in London, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary, the country will officially become the 30th member.

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Европейская страна исчезла с карты мира: «давил сосед»

We will remind, Putin can no longer tolerate in Russia, is preparing a remedy: the Russians destroyed as a nation.

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