Europe suppresses freedom of speech: became known the terrible statistics

Европа подавляет свободу слова: стала известна жуткая статистика

The level of the European freedom of the press is the most unstable over the entire period after the end of the cold war

This is evidenced by the annual report that introduced dozens of partner organizations of the platform of the Council of Europe on the protection of journalism and safety of journalists, the edition of “Hvil”.

Among the organizations – the European Federation of journalists and “reporters without borders”.

The report confirms the deteriorating state of press freedom in Europe and reveals its causes. It is based on 140 serious violations of press freedom, reported the platform in 2018, including 17 cases of impunity for murders of journalists.

Sharp increase in the number of reports of violations of media freedom was observed in Italy. The report also highlights the deterioration of the situation with freedom of speech in Turkey, where more than 200 journalists were arrested or detained following the coup attempt in mid-2016. Hungary was also criticised for “very high media concentration in the hands of Pro-government oligarchs.”

Европа подавляет свободу слова: стала известна жуткая статистика

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn Jagland stated that the report could “serve as a basis for dialogue with member States on ways to improve the media freedom”.

“Freedom of speech is crucial for the realization of all other human rights, and it deserves the careful attention of our member States”, — he said.

Overall, the proportion of responses of States to threats to the media in 2018 amounted to 39%, which, as stated in the report, is very low.

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Европа подавляет свободу слова: стала известна жуткая статистика

The platform was launched in April 2015 to promote cooperation between the members of the Council of Europe on the possible protective or corrective action against assaults on the independence of the media.

Earlier it was reported that in the ranking of press freedom Ukraine has risen by 5 positions and ranks 102nd.

The rating was compiled on the assessment of pluralism of media independence, the law and the protection of journalists and the level of self-censorship in the countries. It is noted that this is not the top quality publications of journalists in the countries.

It was also reported that in a network there were photos proving the relationship of the people’s Deputy Sergey Kaplin with his former fitness coach, Secretary of Poltava city Council Alexander Samatau.

In addition, recall that the method of calculating the cost of coal in thermal generation tariff (the formula “Rotterdam+”) de facto not working now, and de jure will cease to operate from 1 July 2019 with the launch of a new electricity market.

It was reported that Putin has made a catastrophic mistake to seize Ukraine “has Created a stub”.

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