Europe agreed to a compromise with Russia: “effective oversight”

Европа пошла на компромисс с Россией: "эффективный надзор"

Representatives of the European Parliament, EU Council and the European Commission in the night of Wednesday in Strasbourg approved the draft amendments to the gas Directive of the EU concerning the project “Northern stream-2”

This is stated in the report of the European Commission, the edition of “Hvil”.

The European Commission explained that the purpose of the amendments is improvement of the existing gas Directive and ensure that the principles of the EU energy legislation (third party access, tariff regulation, separation of ownership and transparency) has been applied to all pipelines to and from third countries.

Европа пошла на компромисс с Россией: "эффективный надзор"

“Today’s agreement is consistent with this objective. It ensures that the provisions of the gas Directive apply in the EU (land and sea) and provide effective supervision of the application of the rules of the EU internal market by national authorities, which are controlled by the Commission. This is an important step towards a well-functioning, transparent and competitive internal gas market of the EU, where all suppliers are acting in accordance with the rules of the EU”, — stated in the message.

The EC noted that the new rules will increase competition between suppliers of gas and increase energy security across the EU.

Now updated gas Directive should be translated into the languages of the member States of the EU. After that, it must be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU and in national legislation of member States, it needs to be integrated within 9 months after publication in the Official journal of the EU.

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Европа пошла на компромисс с Россией: "эффективный надзор"

Earlier it was reported that Ggave the Russian “Gazprom” Alexey Miller believes that the supply of gas through the “Nord stream-2” will begin according to plan – from 1 January 2020.

“We are working according to the plans, that were approved. The start of gas supplies on 1 January 2020,” said Miller. For its part, the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin also said that he is ready to work in any scenario of development of relations with the United States. “We are in these conditions work constantly. Risk management – our work”, – he said. Nakaune the President of Poland called “Nord stream-2” threat to Ukraine and Slovakia. In addition, Poroshenko called “Nord stream-2” the Trojan horse of the Kremlin.

Recall that the construction of “Nord stream-2” bypassing Ukraine is in full swing.

In addition, it was reported that the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling to close the project on construction of gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” at the bottom of the Baltic sea between Russia and Germany.

Also Politeka wrote that the Russian Minister of energy Alexander Novak said that Russia is ready for amicable settlement of the dispute with Ukraine on gas.

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