Eugene Mishka spoke about the wiretapping of his phone

Евгений Кошевой рассказал о прослушке своего телефона

Video: Mishka told about weight loss (Youtube-channel/social life)

Famous Ukrainian comedian and actor Eugene Mishka spoke about the “dispute” with a member of the women’s “Quarter”, and also tapping your phone. He told about it to Katya Osadchaya in the framework of the “high life”.

“I lost 8 kg in four weeks. At first the weight was to 108.5. Now 100,4 100,5 or. But she doesn’t know it yet. And I hope she will not see this issue”, — he said.

Moreover, according to Mishka, he knows that his “listening”.

“I know they’re listening. It’s all very audible. So I talk to them. Tell them “give my wife about intimate talk. Well you know where I live,” he said.

Mishka also told what “past” he was dreaming.

“In’ 89 I left the Kharkiv region. I year remember. I really often dream. House and a kindergarten to which I went,” he said.

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