Eugene Doga and his friends invite everyone to waltz

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 Eugene Doga and his friends invite everyone to waltz

From March 2 to March 8, the cities of Jerusalem, Haifa, Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva and Ashdod will host anniversary concert evenings of the brilliant composer, legendary man Evgeny Doga.
Maestro will visit Israel as part of a world tour, in which he is accompanied by a pop-symphony orchestra and star friends. The program is called “My affectionate and gentle” hellip; waltz.

An interesting fact: not every star has a chance to become a friend of Eugene Doga, before you get on this list, you need to go through a casting. According to Evgeny Dmitrievich himself, he carefully selects those with whom he will work. This anniversary concert was no exception. On the best stages of Israel, perform works from the films “Tabor Goes to Heaven”, “Anna Pavlova”, “Lautars”, “Vertical Racing”, “Queen Margo”, “Maria Mirabela” and many others, along with the Maestro will be the audience's favorite artists: Methodie Bujor, Svetlana Toma, Konstantin Moskovich, Vladimir Ushakov, Lina Kolesnik, Anna Timofey, Irina Bertman, Yotam Cohen, DoReDos group, Opera Drive art project.
Let's get to know Evgeny Doga's star friends better.
Opera and pop singer Methodie Bujor from Moldova. He won the hearts of millions while still a participant in international opera competitions, various television shows and entertainment programs. He was loved as a soloist of the Leipzig Opera. He is known for his collaborations with world-famous stars. Bujor's work was personally blessed by Muslim Magomayev after Metodie made the compositions “Call Me”. and “Winter Love” blues style. Hearing them, the master gave the young artist his blessing for the performance of his songs. Bujor calls this meeting with Magomayev a landmark – after it, the classical pop song prevails in the artist's work.

No less outstanding personality of the evening – Svetlana Toma. The same beautiful gypsy girl Rada from the legendary film “The camp goes to the sky”, which, by the way, was purchased for display in 112 countries of the world. The most talented actress and artist is loved by more than one generation. Svetlana Toma was the ultimate dream of Soviet men. She remains a role model among her peers. Love and passion do not fade in Svetlana – those two great energy forces that allow many plans to be realized. And these qualities, among many others, are highly appreciated by the greatest composer of all times and peoples, Eugene Doga.
By the way, Svetlana did not plan to link her fate with art – in her dreams, she saw herself as an investigator of the prosecutor's office or a lawyer. Everything was decided by chance: at the age of 17, the girl met the director Emil Lotyanu, who opened the way for her to a big movie. Agree, it is difficult to imagine cinema and theater without this artist. Svetlana Toma has played in more than 60 films and TV series, including My Sweet and Gentle Beast, Lautary, Anna Pavlova, Pious Martha, Thief, Poor Nastya. , “Divorce” and others. Tom continues to actively act in films and play in private performances. It is well-deserved and popular, and, most importantly – beloved by the public and colleagues artist. And the story of Svetlana proves once again: accidents in a person's life – not accidental…

In the company of Maestro Eugen Doga's star friends, young talents of Moldovan blood also occupy a worthy place. We are talking about the popular youth group DoReDos, the ART project Opera Drive, as well as the Israeli singer from Pridnestrovie, Anna Timofey.

DoReDos – victories in prestigious music competitions, an enchanting performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. The guys actively participate in talent shows and popular entertainment programs. Perky, filled with vitality, the favorites of the public, including the Israelis, sing about love with incredible heartfeltness. This talent was highly appreciated by Evgeny Doga and invited the group to become part of the anniversary evening “My affectionate and gentle” hellip; waltz".

Does not need long introductions and Anna Timofey – popular Israeli singer, composer, vocal teacher, lover of fashion trends. A lot of interesting things can be said about this girl. For example, fame came to Anna not over the years, but immediately after the repatriation from Moldova. Still not knowing Hebrew, she broke into the finals of a popular television competition and became a candidate for the selection for Eurovision. The incredibly charismatic personality and extraordinary voice of Anna Timofey instantly fell in love and continue to fall in love with the audience both in Israel and abroad.

Conqueror of the pan flute, naist, soloist of the National Philharmonic, People's Artist of Moldova Constantin Moskovich will delight the Israeli public with his talent along with Maestro Eugen Doga. He is unique in that he began his career as a self-taught musician. The sincerity of the soul, the love of music and the purposefulness of Konstantin's nature did their job – Moskovich is known, loved and warmly received in many countries of the world. Including in Israel, where Konstantin Moskovich will be lucky enough to perform on the same stage with the legendary man Yevgeny Doga.

The next guest of the anniversary evening «My affectionate and gentle… waltz» – star of the world accordion scene, laureate of international competitions, a man who, with his talent, made the Israeli public fall in love with him. We think “accordion”, we say Vladimir Ushakov – an artist who has mastered all the sounds of this musical instrument. Vladimir is not only the author of music, accordion arrangements and various accordion ensembles. He is also a producer, organizer of large and small concerts, an active participant in musical projects. He – a welcome guest at creative and gala evenings. He is the one about whom we can safely say: this is a talented person, and he is talented in everything! The Israeli audience has a unique opportunity to once again enjoy the performance of their favorite artist Vladimir Ushakov.

Another surprise for the audience will be the participation of world-famous violinist Lina Kolesnik in the anniversary concert of Evgeny Doga. She is not just a virtuoso and a wonderful person – Lina is the one whom absolutely all academic musicians who want to take up jazz and improvisation should look up to. In appearance, the fragile Lina Kolesnik has a steely character and a colossal capacity for work, endurance. If something doesn’t work out for her, she takes the violin and begins to finely hone her skills – until the work brings pleasure to itself. Such perseverance of the girl is rewarded by fate: eminent jazz performers want to play with her. By the way, Lina herself loves jazz, calling it freedom, where you are your own composer, such an unknown world that you need to study and study. She lives by the violin, gives her soul – sincerely, without falsehood. And the public feels it, sees it, accepts Lina Kolesnik with joy and love.

And, finally, the soloists of the Israeli Opera with a worldwide reputation – soprano, Landau Prize winner Irina Bertman and tenor Yotam Cohen. This couple is not just loved, they are adored by connoisseurs of opera art. Someone calls Irina a rebel who lives for the stage, and someone – prima donna. But both of them will agree: without exaggeration, Irina Bertman – the main, best, brightest soloist of the Israeli Opera. Sister Angelica, Madame Butterfly, Tosca, Desdemona, Lady Macbeth, Lisa, Mimi, Norma…, – in every image she is magnificent due to her extraordinary style, nobility, stage charisma. Once you hear duets from operas and operettas, arias, romances and songs from musicals performed by soloists of the Israeli Opera Irina Bertman and Yotam Cohen, you will fall in love with these artists and their voices forever. And Eugene Doga knows this for sure.

Friends, you have a unique opportunity to enjoy live the most famous works of Eugene Doga performed by the Maestro and his star friends! Recall that the anniversary concerts «My affectionate and gentle… waltz» will be held:

March 2, 20:00, – Haifa, Auditorium Hall 138 Ha-Nasi Ave.;
March 4, 20:00, – Petah Tikva, Gehal a-Tarbutul. Amakabim 5;
March 5, 20:00, – Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv University – Auditorium «Smolarsh», st. Dr. George Weiss – gate 4;
March 6, 20:00, – Beersheba, Performing Arts Center – Big salvo. Itzhak Reger 41;
March 7, 20:00, – Ashdod, Performing Arts Center. Derech Haaretz 1.
March 8, 20:00, – Jerusalem, Jerusalem Theater – Sharover Hall

Come to the concerts, give the Maestro your audience love! Hurry up to buy tickets, because the closer the dates, the less free seats remain.

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