Eti Kraif wants to play “Manayek” to become the Minister of Justice

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 Eti Kreif wants to play

The heroine of the “sex for an appointment” scandal, former judge Eti Kraif, gave an interview to the mako portal.

Kraif announced that she had removed her candidacy in the Likud primaries. The reason is the constitution of the party, according to which only those who have been a member of Likud for more than three years can be nominated for the primaries. Kraif asked the Central Committee for an exception for her, but received no response.

Previously, Likud Central Committee member Yonatan Tal said: “Her shares do not give her the right to present her as a great fighter in the law enforcement system.”

Krife says, “I asked, believe me, I asked, but there was no answer. Well, that's enough, it's getting pathetic. Despite this, I do not give up my dream of politics, I want to be the Minister of Justice. And I think I'll be a good minister.

Krife also commented on the Manayek season 2 premiere: “I agree with that view. I myself worked in the police for 14 years, and the series has a good foundation. I would be happy to play in such a series. I think I would do a great job”.

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