Erotic horoscope for today 7 December 2017 for all Zodiac signs

Erotic horoscope for today 7 December 2017.

Еротичний гороскоп на сьогодні 7 грудня 2017 для всіх знаків Зодіаку

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to make love game in bathroom. The more that your sign is attracted to it. Don’t try to find excuses such as those in your bathroom too small. Violent fantasy more than compensates for this deficiency.
On this day you will have to choose between friendships and intimate relationships. However, the question of “either – or” very hard will not stand: in the end, a compromise with a strong desire to find you. But it’s hard: you have to put a lot of effort, like mental and physical.
If your partner spends nights not only in your arms, now you know it. However, do not rush to sort things out: perhaps your opponent is the laptop or a favorite dog, and this will agree, does not affect either the fidelity or the sexuality of your partner.
For Cancers today, there is practically nothing unlawful, therefore they will show sexual interest in any object – no matter whether she or he is thrice married or twice married. Moreover, representatives of this sign are happy to be third today in bed, if any friend will invite them to dine together.
Since the Lions are keen not only smell, but also hearing, today it is especially important auditory atmosphere in which their love game. If you hear the hum of cars outside the window or the screams of drunken neighbors, no merging of subtle matter you have with your beloved will not work. But if it is velvet and breast female voice that caresses your ears, then … maybe sex?
The assurances of the astrologers, Virgo today you can (and should) a little bit to have some fun and roll the fool in bed. If they will be able to abandon his usual haste – that happiness and bliss, both themselves and their sexual partners will not end.
Today before you do something important or risky – think carefully about the consequences. Is possible to foresee any unpleasant consequences to one or the other your sexual activities and reduce the negative effects to a minimum if possible.
On this day you will not be easy to attract the attention of your partner to your modest, though very seductive person. He will find a hundred other attractive objects of attention, and regardless of your activity regarding obstacles in the process.
Your relationships become more intimate? It’s perfect! But do not forget that passion a lot can not be built. And if you have seriously decided to engage in the construction of the new cell companies, ask about nonsexual Affairs of your partner, you can learn a lot!
Relying on your intuition in all that concerns intimate aspects of human nature, Capricorns never go wrong. If you feels instinctively that today you are nobody and will never allow myself to touch – then let it be. If your inner voice insists you that “it is time, time” – that your partner will not escape your fate …
Today in your bed gets a partner next to whom you will feel like a hypocrite. He will demonstrate such skills in their sexual life which you never heard. Of course, it’s not a bad case to replenish their knowledge, but if they don’t fit in your worldview and understand them you simply are not able to tolerate and pretend you are well not worth it.
Today you should be nicer to people, and especially from its second half. Of course, aggression is sometimes very erotic, but don’t you think that your partner might get bored to you suffer from periodic images. So show him some compliments. Otherwise you risk to remain without sex.

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