Epidemiologist about COVID in Israel: “There is no reason for hysteria”

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 Epidemiologist about COVID in Israel:

Professor Hagai Levin, senior epidemiologist at Hadassah Brown Hebrew University's School of Public Health and Community Medicine, said the public should not ignore the rise in coronavirus cases.

According to him, there are no reasons for hysteria, but this fact cannot be ignored either. This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

“We have had more than 10,000 deaths from complications of COVID-19, and there will be more. This is a danger to the population. But there is no reason for hysteria. We must strike the right balance. We want the pandemic to end completely, but now we are facing another reality,” he said.

Dr. Itamar Ofer, president and chairman of Tzabar Medicine, urged the public to apply for home hospitalization if required.

“We hope that the current situation will pass without complications, and there will be a milder wave than before, so that the elderly will not need to be hospitalized, but if this is the case, we urge the public to learn the lessons,” the doctor said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Naftali Bennet convened a meeting on the rising number of new infections.

Professor Salman Zarqa said that those at risk must be protected.

“We are glad that life is back to normal, but it looks like we will have to live with COVID-19 for a long time, so those at risk must be protected. No new mandatory rules are being established.” , Zarka stressed.

Experts have recommended that those who are at increased risk due to age or disease get booster shots and wear masks.

“We are well prepared .I do not know if this signals the beginning of another wave. We recommend that those who do not is at risk, take care of yourself and wear masks indoors, as well as be tested in case of contact with infected people,” Zarka said.

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