Epidemic of violence: Israel is overwhelmed by shooting incidents

Violence: Israel is engulfed in shooting incidents

Over the past night in Israel, there were at least six incidents with the use of firearms.

For example, in northern Israel, in the city of Nazareth, an elderly person was shot dead a man aged 55-56 named Naim Suri. He was recently released from prison and was shot dead on his doorstep. Probably, the crime may be related to a criminal showdown.

Later, a shootout took place in Kafr-Qasem, during which a man was seriously wounded. He was taken to a hospital.

In Umm al-Fahm, unidentified persons fired at a car in which a family of three was sitting. A 6-year-old child and two adults were injured as a result of the shooting.

Another car, as well as a house, was fired upon by unknown assailants in Deir Khan. In the course of the incident, no one was injured, but damage to property was caused.

Also that night there was shooting in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva. In the south of Tel Aviv, a Bedouin man was wounded as a result of shelling. The police arrested three people on suspicion of involvement in the shooting.

In Beer Sheva, shooting took place in a hookah bar, three people were injured. Two of them are in serious condition, one is in a moderate condition. The cause of the shooting is unknown.

Police are investigating all individual shooting incidents.

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