Enthusiasts turned racing Porsche 935 for the electric car

Ентузіасти перетворили гоночний Porsche 935 на електрокар

Porsche 935 deprived of the internal combustion engine

The reincarnation of a rare sports car was engaged in Atelier Bisimoto. Tuners just pulled out of the car, the internal combustion engine and replaced with a 645-horsepower electric motor, using the free space that appeared after the upgrade, for installation of batteries. But to dwell on this could not.

The exterior of the Porsche 935 has received noticeable visual improvements: his body stylized appearance of the Kremer K3 Racing car of the late 70’s (once he managed to win the “Le Mans”), painted at the same time in a strange combination ultraradio, white and dark grey colors. Colored steel wheels from Brixton Forged.

The ascetic interior of the car is left racing, but still got a bit of comfort. Saved safety cage, racing “buckets” and sports a fully digital instrument panel of the AEM, which provides information about the state of the electric powertrain, but the bare metal of the body hid under the cover.

Judging from the video, the dynamics of the car no injuries. That’s just weird to hear on acceleration slight bleeps electric motor instead of the thunder Reva turbo opposite “six”.

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