Enthusiasts crossed John wick and Star wars you will enjoy

Ентузіасти схрестили Джона Віка та Зоряні війни: вам сподобається

Lightsaber befitting Keanu Reeves

Fans of the films not only draw the funny posters, but doing something much more. So, in a network there was video on which John Age destroys enemies with a lightsaber!

“If John’s Age was a Jedi, he’d stop wars and save the Republic” – joke fans of Chad Stahelski movies about hit men.

At least the lightsaber John wick has received: the network is gaining popularity an edited version of the chase scene on the motorcycles from “John wick 3”, where instead of bladed weapons used a weapon light. Looks impressive:

Chase on motorcycles from “John wick 3” inspired by the South Korean Thriller “the Fugitive” (The Villainess), where there is a similar scene. Before you begin shooting, the actors for several months perfected the choreography in a special pavilion. Here’s how to create this scene:

May 21, 2021 will be the fourth part of “John wick”, and simultaneously with the release of a restart of the Matrix. This day in the people have nicknamed “Keanu Day”.

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