Energy of one of the cities of Ukraine is actually destroyed

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 The power industry of one of the cities of Ukraine is actually destroyed

As a result of a missile strike on October 22, the energy facility of Lutsk was actually destroyed. The mayor of the city, Igor Polishchuk, announced this.

“The damage to the energy facility, which was hit, is critical. In fact, it has been destroyed. Now its restoration is impossible”, & ndash; wrote the mayor of Lutsk in his Telegram channel.

The mayor said that the hit was carried out by three Kh-101 missiles, specifying that these data are still preliminary.

In addition, as a result 12 private houses were damaged by rocket fragments and a shock wave in Lutsk in the morning, roofs were damaged in 7 houses. (except for the temporarily occupied Crimea) twice announced a long air alert. The enemy attacked critical infrastructure, in particular, the energy facilities of our country. As a result of Russian missile attacks in different regions, about 1,500,000 Ukrainians were left without electricity.

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