Endolift device – face oval correction in the clinic of Dr. Sharon Ayalon

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 Endolift device - correction of facial contours in the clinic of Dr. Sharon Ayalon < /p>

The Endolift laser device, created by Italian doctors in 2006, does two things at once: tightens the skin, creates a more chiseled profile, and precisely removes fat accumulations. Therefore, when a patient asks to get rid of his double chin and make the angle between the chin and neck beautiful and pointed, doctors use this device. – All doctors of aesthetic medicine know about the difficulties of working with problematic facial contours, – says aesthetic medicine specialist, Dr. Sharon Ayalon, – when skin laxity is combined with fat accumulation under the chin and bulldog cheeks. The Endolift device was created by doctors specifically to work with such facial ovals. It simultaneously tightens the skin and does laser lipolysis (point removes fat).
How does Endolift work?

First, let's explain how the device tightens the skin. A cannula as thick as a human hair is inserted under the skin, and the doctor moves it against the lines of gravitational aging, creating microtunnels. These microtunnels are subsequently filled with their own collagen – this is how the skin tightens.
How is excess fat removed?
​​​​​​The tip of the cannula with high temperature affects the fat cells, which die off and are excreted from the body. Within a month after the procedure, the second chin decreases and disappears before our eyes, and the angle between the chin and the neck becomes sharper.
Only one procedure is needed at the price of 5000 NIS. Depending on the lifestyle, the effect can last for 10-15 years or for a lifetime.
It is important that the procedure is done by a doctor with extensive experience working with this powerful device. In Israel, one of the most experienced specialists in working with “Endolift” considered Dr. Sharon Ayalon.
Dr. Sharon Ayalon – owner of the Beauty Center in Modiin, graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, senior physician in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, M.Sc. face and neck in Israel and abroad. There are many Russian-speaking Israelis among Dr. Sharon's clients, including well-known Russian-speaking journalists and TV presenters.
Among them are the producer and TV journalist Tanya Badanina, the creator of the “Project about women in Israel for whom age does not matter”; on facebook. Tanya is a client of Dr. Sharon Ayalon, she talks about aesthetic procedures in her group and recommends this doctor.

Dr. Sharon Ayalon Aesthetic Medicine Clinic – this is the Beauty Center, where there is probably the largest selection of the latest devices. Therefore, here you will be recommended exactly the procedure or combinations of procedures that will bring a noticeable effect, and not those that are in the list of services.
Call the clinic at 03-3741710, for a conversation in Russian 054-2194336, and you will be assigned free consultation with a doctor.
Address: st. Lea Amno, 1 (Moria Center), Modiin.

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