End of the crown. Israel abandoned the infection rate

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 End of Corona. Israel abandoned infection rate

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The Israeli Ministry of Health has concluded that it no longer makes sense to present the infection rate, the famous R, and has decided to no longer publish it in the official datasheet.

The infection rate is calculated based on the number of daily confirmed cases compared to the number 10 days before, but now that only a few of those infected are being tested in clinics or reporting the results of a rapid test at home, this figure has become useless.
< br /> However, at least based on average weekly data, there seems to be a slight downward trend in the number of infections. About a third of those infected fall ill at least a second time, and this may be an underestimate if some people were infected in the past and did not know about it.

After the number of patients in serious condition reached peaked at 179 last Tuesday for this wave, dropping to 165 at the end of the week. At the same time, last week the total number of deaths increased to 11,988 people.

According to the CAN channel, Professor Salman Zalka, Commissioner for Combating Coronavirus, announced that from now on in Israel, the coronavirus will be treated as seasonal flu.

Since January 18, tests for the coronavirus of the logistics command have been closed in Israel. Those who want to get tested for coronavirus will have to apply to health insurance companies. At the end of January, the home front service headquarters for combating coronavirus will be closed. At the same time, the isolation requirement for those infected with corona will be lifted automatically.

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