Empty shelves in China: Panic buys drugs

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 Empty shelves in China: Panicked people buy medicines

China is facing stockpiling issues after it eased its most stringent coronavirus policy last week.

People are rushing to buy ibuprofen, a cold medicine and test kits, according to the Air Force. Also, the Chinese are buying up products needed for home treatment. Foods such as lemons and canned peaches, rich in vitamin C, are virtually unavailable online.

Chinese people are reported to be buying medicines in anticipation of the winter wave. painkillers, vitamins, and cold/flu medications.

Some outlets have shared photos of empty drugstore shelves, and media outlets have been running stories for a week about pharmaceutical firms' production lines now running “at full capacity.” ; to cope with the surge in demand.

The China Daily noted that panic buying was so widespread that the Guangzhou city authorities called for “smart shopping”.

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