“Empathy Vanyucci”: Ivan Urgant responds to attacks

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 “Vanucci's empathy”: Ivan Urgant responds to attacks < /p>

Not so long ago, director Eduard Boyakov said that Ivan Urgant has no place on Channel One, due to the fact that this is a state channel, and a TV presenter is against state policy. Urgant himself replied to this in his Telegram channel, in the usual joking manner:

new author's television show with the working title “Vanucci's Empathy”. The essence of the program is not new and by tradition I borrowed — an honest conversation with the most sincere person. The requirement for guests remains the same — the guest must have a mouth.

At the same time, the showman noted that as the first guest he would definitely invite the former artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky, Eduard Boyakov.

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