Emily Ratajkowski homesick within four walls

Эмили Ратаковски затосковала в четырех стенах

Emily Ratajkowski homesick within four walls
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Photo: instagram.com/emrata

Supermodel of coronavirus was locked at home with her husband and dog.

The famous American supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski is in isolation. The girl struggles to maintain the presence of the spirit in yourself and others by posting erotic photos. However, it seems that even Ratajkowski was tired of the four walls. She admitted that she misses walking on the street with a dog.

– I miss hanging out on the streets of my city (and the baby Colombo) – admitted the model at its

page in Instagram.

In the United States also rowdy coronavirus. Therefore, 13 Mar Emily Ratajkowski with her husband Sebastian and I Bear Maclarda and their dog Colombo locked himself in his new York apartment.

Although the day after that statement a couple of together with the pet managed to take a picture walking in the fresh air as if nothing had happened.

But since then, the star puts or archived snapshots or pictures of home interior, husband, and myself – still inside the apartment.

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Finished Love Is Blind (um, wow), ate two frozen pizzas w/ ranch, made calls from bed & took family selfies. Day one of working from home. Colombo Also turns 1 next week how do we celebrate plz comment below

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