Emilia Clarke spoke about the refusal of the lead role in “50 shades of grey”

Эмилия Кларк рассказала об отказе от главной роли в "50 оттенков серого"

The British actress was not ready for such revelations.

The star of the series “Game of thrones” Emilia Clarke is proposed to play a major role in the popular film “50 shades of grey,” to which British actress refused, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

launoy the reason it was refused was too explicit sex scenes in the film. According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the actress was offered the main role in the film based on the novel by writer Erica Leonardi, James “50 shades of grey”.

According to Emilia Clarke, she wasn’t ready for such a revelation.

“Sam Taylor-Johnson is a miracle worker. I love her and I believe her side of the story is beautiful. But the last time I appeared naked in front of the camera in the “Game of thrones”. And it was a very long time. After that, the only question that I asked, concerned that scene. And it’s fucking annoying. After all, I did it for your character, and not to show a guy your Boobs, well, for God’s sake,” admitted the star of “Game of thrones”.

A 32-year-old actress added that would not have been able throughout the film to constantly expose your body to the audience.

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“So I told her that I can’t. Because here we are talking about sensuality and sex and that I was naked on the screen all the time. In the “Game of thrones” it was a small scene with nudity. I can’t take part in the filming of this project, it will no longer be able to look anyone in the eye,” she said.

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