Emergency on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline: underwater explosions recorded

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 Incident at the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline: underwater explosions recorded

Seismologists in Denmark and Sweden recorded powerful explosions at the leaks from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This was reported by the Swedish National Seismological Center (SNSN) at the University of Uppsala. “There is no doubt that these were explosions,” — said seismologist Bjorn Lund. As previously reported, the gas pipeline network, part of which supplies Germany with gas from Russia, was damaged in three places. The damage inflicted in one day was deemed “unprecedented”. The Kremlin believes that sabotage cannot be ruled out. The investigation into the leak is ongoing.

The Danish Energy Authority has advised that this may be a deliberate act, as any such event is “extremely rare.” “There are some indications that this is intentional damage. You have to ask: who will profit from this?” a European security source told Reuters. Seismologists claim that bursts of ground vibration occurred around the same time that pressure losses in pipes were first recorded. According to the National Seismological Center of Sweden, measuring stations recorded “powerful underwater explosions” in the area where the gas leak occurred. Meanwhile, the investigation into the cause of the gas leak on the gas pipeline continues.

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