Emergency at a construction site in Tirat Carmel: new details

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 Incident at a construction site in Tirat Carmel: new details

New details about the incident that occurred at the construction site in Tirat Carmel have emerged.

Recall that on Sunday a container fell from a great height at the construction site, which led to to death.

The Jerusalem Post reported that three suspected negligent homicides were brought to trial in Rishon LeZion as early as Monday. As of Tuesday, the construction manager was still in police custody.< br />
It turned out that during the interrogation, none of the interested persons knew how many signalmen were on the site, how many were required by law to be present and who they were.

The judge at the hearing stated: “In this issue, which is at the center of the Israeli police investigation, is not clear.”

The agency noted that the crime scene “was badly disturbed” when the container was lifted.

The story of the dead workers, Diab Wadad and Hassan Hasham Wadad, also came to light. It turned out that they replaced two Palestinian workers from Jenin who were absent from work due to their participation in the protest.

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