Elton John has accused the Russian distributors of the film “Rocketman” in censorship

Элтон Джон обвинил российского прокатчика фильма "Рокетмен" в цензуре

A biopic about the singer was censored in Russia

On the left a biopic about Elton John “Rocketman”. Earlier we wrote that the singer has told, what scenes absolutely do not want to remove from the biopic. Today it became known that in the Russian hire “Rocketman” was subjected to strict censorship, writes the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

So, according to media reports, in Russia from the movie “Rocketman” cut scenes about drugs and sex between men, particularly between Elton John and his Manager John Ride.

Elton John strongly condemned the decision to censor the film “Rocketman” in the Russian hire. A message he posted in his Twitter.

“We categorically reject the decision to censor “Rocketman” for the Russian market. The audience denied the right to see film the way it is,” wrote the singer.

Previously Elton John said that the filmmakers wanted to soften it to give it a 13+ rating, but the artist himself opposed, because his life is in reality not consistent with such rating.

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“I didn’t lead the life that you can assign a rating of 13+. I didn’t want the painting were filled with drugs and sex, but everyone knows that I had a lot of both in the 70-ies and 80-ies,” – said Elton John.

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