Elroy Price put pressure on Jaffa Ben David

 Elroy-Price put pressure on Jaffa Ben David

While the government is announcing the lifting of isolation for students, Sharon Elroy-Price is trying to put pressure on Jaffa Ben David behind everyone's back.

According to sources, Elroy- Price has started negotiations with Ben-David without the approval of the Ministry of Education.

And the way it is, Elroy-Price managed to influence Ben-David because today Ben-David published a strong position supporting the postponement of the repeal self-isolation, and urged teachers and kindergarten teachers not to go to work tomorrow.

“Do not go to schools and kindergartens tomorrow. Please await instructions on further protest measures,” Ben-David wrote.

“The Ministry of Health has put pressure on Jaffa Ben-David,” Ynet said, citing its sources. At the same time, the general secretary of the council of teachers was going to publish the letter much earlier, but was stopped by Bennett and Horowitz.

The Ministry of Health denied this information, but confirmed that there was still a conversation between Elroy-Price and Ben-David.
On behalf of Elroy-Price, it was reported that the general secretary of the Council of Teachers called her this morning to understand the position of senior ministry officials regarding the lifting of the lockdown.

“Dr. Elroy-Price stated her position since she was also a decision maker”.

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