Elon Musk's fortune decreased by more than $100 billion in a year

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 Elon Musk's fortune decreased by more than $100 billion in a year< /p>

In November 2021, American entrepreneur Elon Musk became the richest man in history. Then Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $ 320.3 billion. But a lot has changed in a year. In 2022, Musk lost 35% of his money. Today, his fortune is estimated at $209.4 billion, writes Insider.

The reason for this was a sharp drop in the price of Tesla shares, which the entrepreneur owns. According to the latest published reports, the company's revenue still did not meet the expectations of some analysts.

Another reason for the fall in Elon's income was the acquisition of the social network Twitter.

" The problem for Tesla investors is that Musk is likely to sell more shares to fund this deal, which we believe will go down in history as one of the worst and most overpaid in the history of the market,— said Wedbush analyst Dan Ives.

But these are not Elon Musk's only problems at the moment. Due to his Twitter posts about the end of the war in Ukraine, which caused a negative public reaction, the US can check the sources of financing of the entrepreneur's companies for a threat to the country's national security. According to Bloomberg, the Joe Biden administration is concerned about Musk's friendly stance towards Russia, as well as his threats to cut off Starlink satellite internet supplies to Ukraine.

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