Elon Musk made a loud statement about Ukraine: “Played a major role”

Илон Маск сделал громкое заявление об Украине: "Сыграла главную роль"

Elon Musk praised the Ukrainian space development of Soviet times

CEO and chief engineer of the company SpaceX has confirmed a crucial role of Ukrainian engineers in the Soviet space programs.

Илон Маск сделал громкое заявление об Украине: "Сыграла главную роль"

Such a conclusion can be made based on his commentary on the message of one of the Twitter users.

In particular, the user compdemon in the post stressed that during the Soviet era the main development in the field of space exploration belonged to Ukrainian engineers and scientists, but this work is now unfairly called the “Russian engineering”, although since the collapse of the Soviet Union Russia has done nothing new in the technology of space exploration.

Elon Musk confirmed this statement by commenting: “Ukraine really has played a leading role.”

Илон Маск сделал громкое заявление об Украине: "Сыграла главную роль"

As reported, the researchers were able to determine the approximate weight of our own Galaxy, but there is one “but”

The approximate mass of the milky Way, i.e. the Galaxy, where our beloved Earth, the Solar system and other stars were “weighed” the experts from the European space Agency (ESA), reports Know.

Scientists said that the calculated weight is equal to 1.5 trillion solar masses. This became known thanks to the data released by the ESA in an official statement.

So, the calculation was carried out based on the combination of data obtained from the mission telescope ESA Gaia and observations conducted with the Hubble space telescope. Preliminary calculations carried out by astronomers of different countries, noted the mass of 500000000000 to 3 trillion solar masses.

As noted in the statement of ESA, such a strong difference in the estimates “is mainly due to difference in the methods of calculating the distribution in the Galaxy dark matter, which accounts for her 90% of the masses.” Because dark matter does not produce electromagnetic radiation and interacts with it, makes it difficult or even impossible its direct observation.

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It is worth Recalling that the office InSight 4:00 we drilled a hole of 50 cm in the Martian soil, after which the drill has encountered an obstacle — a large rock or some other dense rock. This schedule of events, astronomers were not ready. However, there are several solutions to this problem.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that University of Pennsylvania plans to open the Pennsylvania center for search for extraterrestrial intelligence (PSETI). Was running a fundraiser, which is expected to attract 110 000 000 dollars. The money will help create jobs for researchers and will help students to begin to learn.

Recall that scientists have discovered in space to the unknown signal light.

In addition, it was reported that the brightest galaxy of the Universe, W2246-0526, located in the constellation of Aquarius, recently ripped to pieces and consumed the remains of three of his companions

Even Politeka wrote that scientists have discovered a supermassive black hole, which expands, consuming the galaxy.

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