Elon Musk introduced the prototype humanoid robot Optimus

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 Elon Musk unveiled the prototype humanoid robot Optimus

Tesla unveiled two prototypes of the Optimus humanoid robot at the Tesla AI Day 2022 presentation. The android walked onto the stage on its own, waved to the audience and even danced a little, according to Bloomberg.
< br /> Optimus is able to carry boxes and water flowers, orienting itself in space with the help of numerous sensors. One of its key features — movable fingers that allow you to pick up small objects. In addition, Optimus is able to “learn” by analyzing people's actions and repeating them.

The company said that the first Optimus are already working at the Tesla plant, doing some routine work. The robot can work without recharging for 24 hours.

The cost of such an assistant is about $20,000.

Musk believes that Optimus has huge potential, and in the future the robot will be able to help solve the problem of poverty and labor shortages.

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