Elon Musk has tested its “car of the metro”. Video

Илон Маск опробовал свое "автомобильное метро". Видео

A businessman drove through the underground tunnel at high speed.

The head of Tesla continues to develop its satellite project called the Boring Company, designed to drive electric cars into the ground. Already signed the first commercial contract to build the line in Las Vegas, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to AvtoDream.

Founded by Elon Musk, the Boring Company in December last year launched the test car line subway in Los Angeles and promised to continue to build in this city a network of subway lines alternative. Recall that the idea of the Mask is that you can enter the subway on their own electric vehicle (appropriate size, of course) and with great speed and without traffic jams to get through the tunnel to the destination. The Boring Company relies on a narrow tunnel and advanced the technology of fast drilling, allowing to significantly reduce the cost of construction compared with traditional metro.

December’s presentation aroused a lot of skepticism among experts and among potential users of the subway car, but the project is nonetheless developing. Last week The Boring Company zakljucil its first commercial contract in the amount of 48.7 million dollars and will build a subway loop under the centre of Las Vegas. The project involves two branches and five boarding terminals, to move between them at the speed of 250 km/h will be special shuttles, created on the basis of the Tesla Model S. the Maximum capacity of one Shuttle – 16 people, given the standing places (would like to ride standing on speed of 250 km/h?). Start car, subway in Las Vegas is planned in 2021 on the eve of the consumer electronics show CES (traditionally held in early January). In the future, if all goes according to plan, The Boring Company plans to link car underground exhibition centre with the airport and Las Vegas and place between dozens of intermediate terminals of embarkation/disembarkation.

A similar project is now being arranged in Chicago: there’s The Boring Company wants to build a car of the metro between the airport and the city centre is to carry passengers will also be 16-seater shuttles, and the airport will be built a special station.

In essence, projects in Las Vegas and Chicago is conceptually not much different from the usual subway, since they represent a closed system with specially designed vehicles. However, the original idea meant that to enter the tunnel will be by private car, which gave the project some flexibility and connectivity with network of ordinary roads. Initially it was assumed that electric cars will embark on a special platform and drive them through the tunnels, but the intermediate transport module, obviously, seemed to developers too expensive, in the end it was decided to provide electric cars special side wheel stops – they were shown in December during the launch of the test line. Then the crossover Tesla Model X equipped with these stops rattling and wavering drove through the tunnel, reaching a top speed of 75 km/h, for which he was booed by the world – say, slow, noisy and difficult. What to do with extra wheels when they not needed? To carry as ballast? Or they will be fastened to the body just before entering the tunnel? Where the ventilation shaft? Where to go people in the event of an accident, or God forbid, a fire?

To all these questions are Boring, The Company has not yet provided answers (perhaps because she does not know them). But last week was published a video that shows a more smooth and rapid test tunnel in Los Anjese: over the past months, it put quality asphalt and now the electric car is rolling more smoothly and quickly. In the video, Tesla Model 3 accelerates through the tunnel to 204 km/h, and the entire trip from gate to gate takes her 1 minute 36 seconds, while the other Model 3, ehavshaya on the street, spent marshut between the same points 4 minutes, 45 seconds – because many idled at traffic lights. Advantages of metro in this video obvious, but it has not clarified the question about the guide elements – as and when they appear on the electric cars? What happened at the exit of their tunnel? In the video you can see that on the street going through the tunnel Tesla wheel stops not, but it is clear that no axial stops riding at that speed on a narrow road is impossible. Therefore, the stops are there, but from the viewer hide them.

In Sumy unknown made a drift in front of the police. Video

We will add that in December The Boring Company announced that test drive on the pilot tunnel will be able to make anyone, but immediately made a reservation that in connection with the high influx of walking tours are held only temporarily for individual invitations. Alas, by the end of may in that sense nothing has changed – independent experts and observers in the tunnel is still not allowed…

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