Elon Musk has shown “live” photos of the rocket Starship: “it’s hard to believe”

Илон Маск показал "живое" фото ракеты Starship: "в это трудно поверить"

In the future SpaceX plans to use the model for space travel between the planets

The company’s founder Elon Musk posted on his Twitter page a picture of the first prototype of the rocket Starship. The businessman said that this is not the renderings, or preliminary sketches, and “live” photos. Size Starship can be assessed thanks to the man in the suit, situated at the foot of the prepared sample.

According to Elon musk, SpaceX will use the prototype to test the mechanisms of vertical takeoff and landing suborbital altitude. The final version of the rocket will differ from those shown in the model. She needs to get observation Windows and slightly different dimensions.

Илон Маск показал "живое" фото ракеты Starship: "в это трудно поверить"

In the comments the inventor has disclosed details of the project. The first Starship built at the spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas, and waiting for tests. Her body reaches 9 meters in diameter. Elon Musk admitted that the company is already developing a model for reaching orbit.

According to forecasts, it will be ready by June 2019. A new version of the plan to do with thinner walls without losing strength. In addition, engineers have to make a more elongated body and nose.


Илон Маск показал "живое" фото ракеты Starship: "в это трудно поверить"

Despite the photo, Elon musk, some analysts do not believe in the existence of the prototype. Earlier, SpaceX representatives said that equipped with Starship engines Raptor. Users of the social network noticed that the nozzle of the model belong to Merlin. It is assumed that the missile needed only for debugging synchronous operation of the three engines.

Also, Raptor needs tanks for hydrogen and methane. And the finished rocket, according to witnesses from the United States, hollow inside. It is possible that a future model will be similar to Grasshopper is more easy and refined. A prototype is needed only “to decorate the spaceport”

Илон Маск показал "живое" фото ракеты Starship: "в это трудно поверить"

Contrary to the doubts of individual commentators, the Americans published their own pictures from Boca Chica. Some were lucky enough to see Starship live and to be photographed on its background.

SpaceX managed to build a new rocket in less than a year. Also in January, Starship parts were disassembled. It should be noted that the Foundation took the concept of manned Big Falcon Rocket. January 5, Elon Musk himself has reignited interest in ship design for space flight, published a render of Starship. A model not too different from the image.

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