Elizabeth II met with trump

Елизавета II встретилась с Трампом

Queen Elizabeth II met trump and his wife at Buckingham Palace.

In London the President of the United States accompanied not only by his wife Melania and other members of his family. So, his daughter Ivanka and Tiffany arrived in the UK yesterday. They joined his father and stepmother in the middle of the day, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

The plane of U.S. President landed in London’s Stansted airport, where Mr. and Mrs. trump went on the helicopter in the centre of the capital, the residence of the American Ambassador, where they will live in the next three days. Previous presidents Barack Obama and bill Clinton stayed at Buckingham Palace, but now it’s impossible due to repairs that there is.

After a brief rest, the couple went to meet with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, where they arrived by air, landing in the Palace garden. The US President during an official ceremony in the Palace garden aside also welcomed her eldest son and heir Prince Charles, his wife Camilla. In honor of the American guests was given artillery salute. Then the Queen, Charles, Camilla and Prince Harry in a private lunch with members of the trump family, and invited them to view the exhibition of items from the Royal collections of historical significance for the United States.

Melania trump got off the plane in a dark blue suit and blouse from Burberry with a cost of $ 820 print depicting military medals. At the Palace she arrived, dressed in an elegant white dress and hat with blue trim. Greeting the Queen, first lady of the United States without reverence, shaking her hand according to the example of the wife.

In Austria, sworn in, the transitional government

According to Daily Mail, the Queen was welcomed by a couple dressed in a coat from Stewart Parvin jade green, embellished brooch with emeralds, diamonds and pearls. Monarch picked up a matching hat and silk dress that blended shades of gray, green and pink. Duchess Camilla Chornoliska chose, and Melania, white dress by Anna Valentine and Philip Treacy hat. The white was the daughter trump Ivanka, who came to the Palace in advance and watched the arrival of the father from the window.

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