Elizabeth II met with a friend who I haven’t seen 74 years

Елизавета II встретилась с подругой, которую не видела 74 года

At the last garden party at Buckingham Palace, the British Queen Elizabeth II was a surprise.

Among the guests was 96-year-old Margaret Baxter. In 1940-e years, Margaret served in the rank of a Junior officer in the Women’s auxiliary territorial corps in 1945 at the end of the war came and the Princess Elizabeth. The future monarch was trained as a driver-mechanic and later began to manage the ambulance. Elizabeth is the first woman of the Royal family who joined the Armed forces as an active participant, writes the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

Women’s auxiliary territorial corps unit in the British army during the Second world war, which was established in September 1938 and lasted until February 1949, when it was United with the Women’s Royal army corps.

The first meeting of the 93-year-old Elizabeth with Baxter occurred at Portsmouth, where the then heir to the throne has arrived along with Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Margaret presented the old, black-and-white photo, which was also published on the page of Buckingham Palace on Twitter. Her Margaret is a little behind Elizabeth on the left.

Her Majesty was pleased to talk with the person remembering those days from the past. Remembering their first meeting, Margaret admitted that she was so excited that I couldn’t bring myself to say a word. But she still had wonderful memories about this day.

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The garden party was also attended by Prince Harry (left wife Megan at home with the baby), and also granddaughters of Queen Beatrice and Eugene. And dress older unmarried Princess was four times more expensive outfit of her younger sisters.

Елизавета II встретилась с подругой, которую не видела 74 года

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