Elizabeth II began to transfer power to Prince Charles

Elizabeth II began to transfer power to Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has already begun to transfer power to her son Prince Charles. The future king has already received approval for the succession of his mother from various heads of government of the Commonwealth countries, writes Express.

Prince Charles, who recently celebrated his 73rd birthday, has been the longest awaited throne in British history. Despite the long wait, his accession to the throne may not happen soon, since the queen does not intend to leave her post until her death.

However, in recent weeks, health problems of 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II have arisen. how she canceled numerous appointments and performances due to poor health. The Queen withdrew from the memorial service just hours before the scheduled performance due to a sprained back.

Many are worried about how the royal family will look after the departure of Britain's longest-reigning monarch.

Royal historian Dr. Ed Owens argues that the transition to the next ruler has already begun and that the crisis will be avoided thanks to the preparation that everyone has gone through. family members.

& quot; The royal family will not be plunged into crisis after the death of the queen. The symbolic transfer of power to Charles has already begun, '' said the royal historian.

He also added that the legitimate heir has repeatedly become the head of the monarchy. “Charles plays a much more prominent role, often replacing his mother at formal and social occasions,” Owens said.

He explained that the handover process to Charles was continuous. Over the past two to three years, Charles has been more involved in the day-to-day affairs of the monarchy, but more recently due to the queen being at rest on the advice of a doctor.

“We see Charles involved in such things. like investing at Buckingham Palace and presenting honors and awards. He is equally involved in other social events that his mother previously oversaw, '' the historian said.

Charles will also succeed his mother in other matters related to the crown, including in the geopolitical context … Ascending the throne, Charles will also become the head of the Commonwealth, which was confirmed at the meeting of the heads of government of the Commonwealth in 2018.

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