Elina Ivashchenko – on nacobre: Tina Karol will have to carefully evaluate not only my room

Элина Иващенко – о нацоборе: Тина Кароль будет скрупулезно оценивать не только мой номер

Elina Ivashchenko – on nacobre: Tina Karol will have to carefully evaluate not only my room
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The singer told about the preparation for the competition

Elina Ivashchenko will perform in the second semi-final of national selection on “Eurovision” with the song Get Up, which she performed in the finals of the “X-factor”. About how if she was afraid to hear criticism from Andrey Danilko and what he thinks about his ex-mentor, Tina Karol, singer said in an interview “KP”.

Song Get Up will be performed in the same version as on “X-factor”? Do not change the arrangement?

– After winning the “X factor” offered me a contract one of the best music producers in the country – Vadim Lisitsa. With him we worked on a new sound track, but decided to radically change nothing. Indeed, in the original version of the track – the soul of the song and my emotions as the author. Others will be staging and stage persona. What changed and how dramatically – until February 15, can not speak. When you get to the stage of the national selection – see for yourself.

– In one interview you said that you are most afraid of reviews of Tina Karol. Why? After all, you worked with her on “the Voice” and know what to expect from it.

– I think that these projects cannot be compared on this parameter. In 2016 at “the Voice” Tina was my coach who gave tips and sent. And in 2020 at the Eurovision song contest – jury member, who has the power of decision-making.These are two different roles, with different tasks. During the work Tina has shown itself as a professional, whose objectivity personal emotion has no effect. Moreover, she now represents the interests of the country, and have to choose the artist who will represent Ukraine with the highest chance to win. That is why it will carefully evaluate not only my performance, and all participants.

– In the first semifinal Andrey Danilko criticized the lyrical song Gio, calling it standard. Not worried about what Danilko can supply you with a low score? After all, songs like that he put it mildly, does not welcome the competition.

When I introduced the song to Get Up in the final “X-Factor”, looking forward to feedback from Andrei Mikhailovich. Then he nothing bad about the song said. But my participation in the national selection has not yet been decided. I was selected as one of 16 candidates that will compete for the right to represent Ukraine at Eurovision, I learned a few weeks ago. In mid-January – like all semi-finalists. So gratefully accept comments of all the members of the jury, moreover, it is a competent opinion of professionals, not people from the street.

– How do you like the first semi-final of national selection. Honestly, for someone sick?

– Members of selection so distinctive and different from each other, to define absolute favorite no one dares. I was very impressed by the performance KatyaChilly is a very emotionally and mentally. But we have not seen the second semi-final! There will be a new batch of surprises.

– Many artists often say that to get to Eurovision is their dream since childhood. You do the same?

Perhaps thinking about the Eurovision stage after the triumph of Jamala. They are ready to go all the way both mentally and physically, I realized only this year. Do not consider this platform as a springboard for self-promotion. Remember Jamal: she went to the contest with a powerful message. I have an identical attitude to the competition: I want to report a generic message to overcome all life’s trials. And victory is the product side. In the track Get Up its history will be able to see absolutely everyone. If my message will be perceived by an audience of millions, it necessarily support the vote.

About Elina viewers found out in 2016, after winning the project “Voice. Children”, where her mentor was Tina Karol. Last year Elina won the vocal show “X-factor”. For victory For winning the project the girl received professional support from STB channel: a video shoot, recording a song and radio. Singer teaches voice and has worked as a presenter on a radio station.


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