Elimination of terrorists in Jenin. Video from the helmet of a special forces soldier

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 Liquidation of terrorists in Jenin. Video from special forces helmet

The police have published new videos from the site of the liquidation of the terrorist Abd al-Fateh Harushi, who killed the brothers Hillel and Yigal Yaniv in Hawara.

YAMAM fighters are visible in the video in the alleys of the Jenin refugee camp on the way to the place where the wanted man was hiding. center>

During the arrest attempt, a firefight ensued between the forces and the terrorists, during which, in addition to him, at least five other people were killed and 23 Palestinians were injured. Three soldiers were injured, one moderately, two lightly. They are hospitalized in the Rambam hospital. in Haifa.

During the operation, the servicemen fired rockets at the house where the terrorist was hiding. The footage, filmed by a drone monitoring the actions of the militants, shows the militants hiding in an ambulance that was waiting for them at the house.

Two IDF drones fell during the operation. At the same time, in Nablus, the IDF and SHABAK forces were working to arrest the two sons of a murderous terrorist who are suspected of planning and carrying out a terrorist attack.

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