Elimination of a terrorist gang in Jericho. Details

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 Liquidation of a terrorist gang in Jericho. Details

The Leviei ha-Bekaa mixed battalion arrested members of a terrorist gang last night that attacked a restaurant at Almog Crossing. 7 gang members were killed and 3 of their assistants were injured.

IDF forces arrived in Jericho to conduct searches and arrests after the Shin Bet provided information about two buildings where the terrorists who carried out the attack may be located. Forces "Maglan" and "Duvdevan" arrived at one of the buildings where there were no terrorists, and the battalion “Leviei ha-Bekaa” arrived at another building, where a shootout immediately began. The company commander, who was acting on the spot, was hit by two bullets in his bulletproof vest, but he managed to return fire on the detachment and destroy the terrorists. Forces "Maglan" and "Duvdevan" arrived at the second building when the shootout began to help and eliminate another terrorist.

Unlike recent attacks, in which the terrorists were “loners”; or jihadists, most of the terrorists killed are Hamas members in their 20s who attacked a restaurant in Almog or were involved in organizing it. Part of the gang was arrested on Saturday, and now the rest of its members have been arrested or killed. According to the military, this may lead to a reaction from Hamas.

The press service of the IDF reported that during the operation “Breakwater” A total of 19 wanted people were arrested this morning throughout Judea and Samaria, as well as in the Jordan Valley, adding that the terrorists who carried out the attack at Almog Junction have been neutralized.

“Fighters of the IDF, Shin Bet and special forces operated tonight in several places in Judea and Samaria, including in the villages of Deir Abu Daif and Katana,” the IDF press service said. “The fighters operated in the city of Nachem and in the Lat refugee camp and arrested two wanted men suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. During the operation, the fighters opened fire on armed men who were shooting at them. During the operation in the villages of Silvad and Kafr Malik and in the villages of Teko and Iskar, the forces arrested four wanted persons.

– added the representative of the IDF. “Another wanted man was arrested in the village of Beit Rima. Also, during the operation of the IDF and the Shin Bet in the Akat Jaber refugee camp, seven wanted people were arrested and the terrorists who carried out a shooting attack on a restaurant near the Almog junction on January 28, 2023 were neutralized.

During operation, a Sky Rider-type unmanned aerial vehicle fell, and the IDF said that “there is no fear of information leakage” and that “the incident will be investigated.” They also added that the arrested wanted persons were handed over for further investigation by the security forces, and that our forces were not injured in the clashes.

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