Elijah Wood: “Ork from ‘Lord of the Rings’ is based on Harvey Weinstein” | showbiz

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Elijah Wood: “Ork from ‘Lord of the Rings’ is based on Harvey Weinstein” | showbiz

FilmAnyone who has seen ‘The Lord of the Rings’ will probably remember the repulsive orcs that formed the army of villain Sauron. Leading actor Elijah Wood (40) now reveals who those orcs are based on in the podcast ‘Armchair Expert’.

Anyone who invites Elijah Wood to a podcast also talks about his most famous project: the film series ‘Lord of the Rings’. Presenter Dax Shepard confessed to Wood that he loves the films as much as the way they were made. Film studio Miramax, owned by founder Harvey Weinstein, had bought the rights to JRR Tolkien’s books. But it soon became clear that the studio disagreed with director Peter Jackson’s vision. He therefore asked Weinstein to make the films at another studio.

“And Miramax said, ‘We would like to give you the rights back, but then two things have to happen. One: you still have to sort it out this weekend. Two: whoever commits, has to make all the films at once,” said Shepard. That’s right, Wood replied. Most people didn’t feel like making more than one movie, their idea was, ‘No, you have to see how the first movie does, and then you invest the rest of the money.’” Bob finally gave in. Shaye of New Line Cinema to make three films in one fell swoop. “An unbelievable risk,” Wood said. “Miramax thought they didn’t stand a chance.”

One of the Orcs from ‘Lord of the Rings’ © RV

“It is funny. Dom Monaghan and Bill Boyd (who play hobbits Merry and Pippin in the film series) talked about this recently in their podcast, ‘The Friendship Onion,’” continued Wood. “They talked to Sean Astin (who played Samwise) about his first memory of New Zealand (where the series was filmed, ed.). He had seen the masks of the orcs. And one of the masks – I remember very well – was designed to resemble Harvey Weinstein. Kind of like ‘fuck you’. I think it’s okay to talk about it now because the guy is in jail right now,” Wood added.


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