Elevator “took the life” of a man in a Russian hospital was raised to the intensive care unit

Лифт "отобрал жизнь" мужчины в российской больнице: поднимался в реанимацию

In the Russian Republic of Ingushetia, in the city of Malgobek, a patient at the local hospital is stuck in the Elevator with the doctors while riding in the intensive care unit

Due to the prolonged wait in the car without the possibility on the part of doctors to give the patient any assistance, a local resident named Badrudin Mamilov died on the spot from a heart attack.

“To the resuscitation of the patient, by the name of Badrudin, the doctors didn’t take. Suffering a heart attack man, along with physicians, stuck in a hospital Elevator. Here his heart failed and stopped. He died”, — said the source.

Лифт "отобрал жизнь" мужчины в российской больнице: поднимался в реанимацию

Thus, the data of the Russian sources differ – some report that the deceased was brought to the hospital family, and the doctors could only take the man in the necessary Department, but they didn’t. Other informants claim that the Badrudin in the hospital brought still by the ambulance, from what the witnesses and social media users were surprised by the speed of assistance in the transportation of Russian.

Earlier in Kiev faulty Elevator almost hit a pregnant. The building is only 9 years old, there are three elevators. One passenger has been up for about a year. And the second too small, the pregnant woman flew down the whole 10 floors, and miraculously survived. These events Helen recalls with horror. Went to the store, went into the cabin, pressed the button – and then everything, like a fog.

“Begins to sound some sort of siren in the Elevator, he crazy reached the 25th floor, after which it sharply… it was a fall, not a descent lift. I started to press all the buttons that exist in the Elevator on the 15th floor and he miraculously stopped, while the siren was screaming,” – said from Kiev.

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Лифт "отобрал жизнь" мужчины в российской больнице: поднимался в реанимацию

The woman in the fifth month of pregnancy independently opened the door and got out of the lift. Surprised how she had the strength. May fright added adrenaline.

We will remind, in Sumy the Elevator broke with a baby along with a stroller.

As reported Politeka, in Zaporozhye in a high-rise Elevator collapsed with the child.

Also Politeka reported that in Kiev the Elevator “popped” the stroller with the baby and went up.

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