Elena Zelensky posted the first photo with kids and husband

Елена Зеленская выложила первые фото с детьми и мужем

The first lady of Ukraine is actively carrying out its new Instagram account.

The first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky actively leads his new Instagram account, which was created on the day of inauguration of her husband, the once leader of the comic Studio “Kvartal 95”, and today the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the Chronicle reports.info with reference to lime.apostrophe.ua.

May 1, on the personal page in the social network she first published family photos, depicting her husband, and her children, who informed the family Zelensky was shown to the public quite rarely. Your post Zelensky devoted to Day of protection of children.

“In the children’s Day to talk about the need to ensure the rights of the child and to violate important issues of childhood. Dear adults, let’s speak about this not just today, but every day, every minute to remember that children need our love, care and support. Let’s remember that children are our future, our continuation, our future, and to do everything we can to make all children happy, safe, normal childhood”, she commented your post.

Pictures pretty soon gathered more than 280 thousand “likes”. In comments followers Zelensky said, as the father of 6-year-old son Kirill.

Today Elena and Vladimir Zelensky raise two children son 2013 year of birth and 15-year-old daughter Alexandra. As far as is known, the godfather of the girl has Sergei Kravets, the husband of umoristi and member of “95 Quarter” Elena Kravets.

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Елена Зеленская выложила первые фото с детьми и мужем

Елена Зеленская выложила первые фото с детьми и мужем

Елена Зеленская выложила первые фото с детьми и мужем

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