Electric vehicles could lead to the collapse of Israel's power grid

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 Electric vehicles could lead to Israel's power grid collapse

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The growth rate of electric vehicles in Israel has doubled in the last year alone.

Aviem Tensor CEO Ran Abudi has warned that Israel's electricity grid could collapse under the severity of EV charging needs if proper regulation is not put in place.

At a conference on energy and business in Israel hosted by the Kenese Group, Abudi said that “the rapid emergence of electric vehicles will lead the country to a situation where electricity supplies not enough to charge all the electric vehicles in Israel.

To prevent this from happening “suddenly”, it is important to remove obstacles in advance and prepare for the situation, according to Abudi. Today, there is no proper regulation in this area and people install charging points without taking into account the situation with the power supply in the building. In the future, this may lead to a shortage of electricity and the destruction of the entire power grid.

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