Electric cars and pickups are the least reliable car models

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 Electric cars and pickups are the least reliable car models

EVs and full-size pickups were the two most problematic categories in terms of reliability, Consumer Reports' annual reliability survey showed Tuesday, with Asian brands once again dominating the overall rankings.

Hybrids and mid-to-large sedans were among the most reliable, according to the study.

The magazine's annual New Car Reliability Study predicts which cars will cause owners less or more trouble than theirs. competitors, based on data collected.

Tesla Inc electric vehicles for which Consumer Reports received the most data from owners who continue to experience problems with steering, suspension, paint oh, and trim, climate control, but their electric motors have very few problems.

This year, Tesla has improved its ranking by four places to 19th place, while Mercedes-Benz has dropped five places. and became the least reliable among all brands.

Owners of electric vehicles from other manufacturers have reported problems with charging and batteries, as well as problems with the electric drive motor. Of the 11 EV models for which Consumer Reports has sufficient data, only four have average or “better predicted reliability.”

The top-ranking brands in the survey were Toyota and Lexus, and seven of The ten top rated brands were from Japan and South Korea.

Amid rising car prices, 94% of potential buyers rate reliability as “extremely” reliable. or “very” important, the survey showed.

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