Elderly actress who fell down an elevator shaft in Tel Aviv

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 Elderly actress was found to have fallen down an elevator shaft in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, actress Tracey Abramovich fell into the elevator shaft of an apartment building during repairs.

She was seriously injured.

Abramovich, 77, was leaving her home on Tuesday when she fell into an open elevator shaft. She was taken to the Sourasky Medical Center with a multisystem injury. The identity of the victim was revealed only on Wednesday.

According to rescuers, Abramovich was found at the bottom of the mine after falling from the third floor. Fortunately, plastic bags and cardboard boxes left at the bottom of the shaft softened the impact of the fall.

According to Channel 12, 24 hours after the incident, the security threat had not yet been eliminated. This caused concern among the residents of the building.

“There are children and old people in the building. Does anyone think about them?” — reported one of the tenants.

The contractor who was responsible for the renovation of the building stated that he had not been paid for four months. He considers his agreement with the owners of the building invalid.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Abramovich has been working in the Israeli theater since the early 1990s. She starred in several Israeli films.

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