Eldad Perry's widow sues murder accused

Eldad Perry's widow sues accused of murder

The widow of the murdered businessman Eldad Perry has filed a lawsuit against the alleged killer – Daniel Kedar. All of Perry's children are involved in the lawsuit, as well as his unborn child. The woman is demanding 20 million shekels in compensation from the alleged killer.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday through the lawyers of his children and his widow, lawyer Adi Gila Hakhmon, lawyer Basam Karhabi and lawyer Lian Hakhmon.

According to family members, Eldad adequately supported his family, and after his murder, they survived through social security (about 5,000 shekels) and temporary assistance from the community that supports them.

The family members are in the lawsuit claim they have evidence that the accused Kedar began to illegally transfer his assets to his accomplices without compensation. He also recently sold one of his luxury apartments.

The lawsuit cites examples of Perry's income: & ldquo; In 2018, his annual income was NIS 2,455,023. In 2019, his annual income was NIS 2,568,051.
In 2020, his annual income was NIS 545,655. ”

“ If it were not for the murder committed by the defendant, the deceased would have been saved from financial hardship and would pay off his debts by settling disputes with creditors, and return to high earnings.

The defendant must compensate the plaintiffs for the damage caused by him as a result of his death, & rdquo; – said in the statement of claim.

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