Elbit Systems has signed a contract for $ 107 million with the Israeli Ministry of Defense

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 Elbit Systems has signed a $ 107 million contract with the Israeli Ministry of Defense

Elbit Systems has announced a contract worth approximately $107 million to supply, operate and maintain new IDF Armored Corps Main Battle Tank (MBT) Modeling and Training Centers. and spare parts. The centers will be delivered within three years, and the contract includes operation and maintenance for an additional fifteen-year period.

Future Simulation and Training Centers will run on IDF servers using Elbit Systems' platform-independent cloud-based OneSimTM simulation software infrastructure. subsystems of the tank and simulate the capabilities of the main and secondary weapons, all connected to an innovative general synthetic simulation environment, the purpose of which is to provide tank commanders and crews with the opportunity to experience a range of real combat missions. The systems will support individual and collective training down to the company level.

The new training centers will include special stations designed to train crews along with operational intelligence, combat support and logistics units, which will allow training of several units in various combat missions. scenarios. Integrated advanced recording and summarizing capabilities will allow you to repeat events, record and analyze data, and track trainee performance.

To date, Elbit Systems' technology solutions for training and simulation have been selected by a number of customers, USA, Israel, Great Britain, Greece, Netherlands, Poland and others.

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