Eitan's aunt Birana lost her guardian status

Aunt Eitan Birana lost her guardian status

The Milan Juvenile Court ruled to revoke Ayya Biran-Nirko's guardian status over her 6-year-old nephew Eitan Biran, whose parents died in the cable car crash in May this year.
< br /> According to The Jerusalem Post, the court's ruling will affect Aya Biran-Nirko's ability to make decisions regarding Eitan's finances and future. The place of the guardian will be taken by a lawyer, but the boy will remain in the care of his aunt.

According to press reports, the Israeli part of Eitan Biran's family welcomed the decision of the Milan court.

“This is the first bright spot. 6 months after the terrible disaster. The family is confident that the Italian legal system will do everything in its power to protect Eitan's interests, as his mother's family did and will do, ”the relatives in Israel said in a statement.

that the grandfather of Eitan Biran, Shmuel Peleg, secretly removed the child from Italy to Israel. This gave rise to an investigation against him.

Recently BAGATS ordered that the boy should return to Italy. This happened on December 4th.

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