Eitan Biran will return to Italy

Eitan Biran will return to Italy

The repeated appeal of Shmuel Peleg, the grandfather of 6-year-old Eitan Biran, whose family was completely killed in a cable car accident in the mountains of Italy, did not lead to success. Judge Alex Stein dismissed the final appeal and ordered the child's return to Italy to his aunt Aya Biran on December 12 this year. It is worth noting that the previous two lower courts issued the same ruling as Judge Stein.

The driver who helped Shmuel Peleg transport the child across Italy and Switzerland, Gabriel Abitbul, was arrested in Cyprus last week, but released on bail.

Eitan Biran has lived in Israel since the end of October with his aunt Aya, who remained in Israel at the time of the trial.

The court ruled that the child had deeper psycho-emotional ties with his Italian relatives than with Israeli relatives and was more adapted to Italian realities than to Israeli ones. Although an Italian court is currently considering a custody request from the Peleg family, the case is unlikely to be successful, especially after the kidnapping.

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