EIT 2020 in Ukraine postponed the date when testing will take place

ЗНО 2020 в Україні перенесли: дати, коли відбудеться тестування

Date UPE

Ukrainian schoolchildren quarantined due to the spread of the coronavirus, however, graduates still need to pass EIT 2020 to enroll in selected University. The Ministry of education and science reported, when and how to pass external independent evaluation this year.

EIT 2020 to be held in late may – early June, however, a quarantine will be moved to the summer. As told to the VA. education Minister Lubomir Manzi when students return to school after quarantine in may, the trial of external independent testing will be held in may, but the session is tentatively begin after the 20th of June and ends in mid-July. Results of testing will be known in late July.

In a situation if the quarantine in Ukraine will be extended and students will be able to return to school only in June, the Ministry of education still plans to hold UPE for pupils of the 11th class in August-September 2020.

Consequently, admissions will be completed by mid-October, and the first training courses will start in early November. The education of the other courses will start from September 1.

Also on 15 April will be published online trial TESTING with all necessary explanations. Participants will be able to practice having a virtual test notebook. However, before testing those who were registered and paid for the service, will be given the opportunity to take the practice test in person. Date of mock tests depends on the duration of the quarantine.

Despite all the changes, the academic year in Ukraine will be completed in the statutorily stipulated period – 1 July. For graduates it will end after they receive a document of complete secondary education.

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