Eintracht destroyed Shakhtar Donetsk, knocking out the Europa League: match result

Айнтрахт уничтожил Шахтер, выбив из Лиги Европы: результат матча

Shakhtar lost to German Eintracht Frankfurt and left the Europa League

In the second match of 1/16 Europa League Eintracht took Shakhtar Donetsk, first leg between these teams ended 2:2, so the Ukrainian team had to score.

The match started very wishy-washy on the part of the miners, and the first twenty minutes the ball just rolled from flank to flank, but the away team first attack turned into a goal, it is the centre for the protection failed and Jovic shot of the net.

Айнтрахт уничтожил Шахтер, выбив из Лиги Европы: результат матча

Five minutes later the Germans were shocked by Shakhtar for the second time, Matvienko blocked kick, player with Frankfurt’s arm, and the referee confidently pointed to eleven meters , a penalty confidently converted to Alla, and it was already 2-0, a cold shower for the Ukrainian team in the first half. The first half ended.

In the second half, Shakhtar came out quite different, gradually began to escalate in the attack, which led to a goal, ismaily drilled a cross, and Moraes scored. After that, the miners felt confident and pressed the hosts to their target first Marlos very best shot but hit the crossbar, and ten minutes Bolbat made a canopy that header was completed by Tyson, but here, fortune turned back to the Ukrainians, the Germans once again saved by the crossbar.

Айнтрахт уничтожил Шахтер, выбив из Лиги Европы: результат матча

Total bad luck did not end there, as they say do not score, you score you. Marlos circumcised at the gate Trapp and Frankfurt overrun in a counterattack, which ended with a goal alle, is to say that Pyatov at this point is mistakes, 3:1 and then it became clear that for miners it’s over, and eight minutes later, Eintracht had scored for the fourth time, it Rebić shot from the penalty area, and again very insecure Pyatov played.

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Therefore, because of bad luck, referee’s decisions (in the first match) and personal errors, the miner leaves the Europa League already in the first stage of the playoffs.

Eintracht vs Shakhtar – 4:1 (first match 2:2)

Goals: Jovic,23, Ella,27(pen),80

Rebić,88 – Moraes,63

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