Einstein's most valuable manuscript put up for auction

Einstein's Most Valuable Manuscript Auctioned

Rare manuscripts of the famous physicist Albert Einstein were put up for auction in Paris and are expected to bring millions of euros. This is reported by The Times of Israil.

The manuscripts are notes on general relativity and are one of two surviving drafts. The 54-page document was written in 1913-1914 by Albert Einstein and his colleague Michel Besso.

“This is without doubt the most valuable Einstein manuscript ever put up for auction. Einstein's scientific papers during this period and prior to 1919 in general are extremely rare. It is one of two working manuscripts documenting the genesis of general relativity that we know of, and it is outstanding evidence of Einstein's work, '' Christie's auction house said.

The manuscript is expected to be sold for an amount from two to three million euros (from 2.3 to 3.4 million dollars).

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