Eilat: Broke into the room and committed obscene acts on the girls

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 Eilat: They broke into the room and committed obscene acts on girls

Today, March 16, 21-year-olds Yarin Gali and Rotem Milo were charged after they broke into a hotel room in Eilat and committed obscene acts against two women sleeping there. They were charged with indecent acts, fraud and violence.

According to the indictment, the two applicants arrived in Eilat at the beginning of the month and stayed together in a hotel room while the defendants were in the city. Yarin knew one of the applicants, he contacted her and she told him which hotel she and her friend were staying at and said that they were going to a party.

During the party, one of the applicants drank several alcoholic drinks, which made her senses dizzy, she felt unwell and returned to the room with her friend. Then Yarin turned to the hotel administrator and asked to duplicate the key to the applicants' room for him, falsely claiming that this was his girlfriend, but the administrator refused.

After an argument with the security guard at the hotel entrance, the defendants returned to the administrator, who duplicated the room key for them, and at this time Yarin unsuccessfully tried to contact the victim by phone. At about seven o'clock in the morning, the defendants went up to the applicants' room and entered it.

Yarin lay down on the bed and climbed on top of the applicant, whom he had previously known, while she was sleeping, and committed obscene acts with her, taking advantage of the situation, not allowing her to give her consent. At the same time, Rotem lay down behind the second applicant, who was also sleeping at that time, and committed obscene acts with her, the applicant woke up and started shouting: “Police, they are raping us, save us, get out of here.” Two fled the scene.

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