Eight prestigious awards: Israeli whiskey has become an international brand

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 Eight prestigious awards: Israeli whiskey becomes an international brand

On the road to becoming an international whiskey producer: M&H (Milk & Honey), Israel's largest and oldest distillery, has won a whopping eight titles at the leading international whiskey competition.

Among the winners: the most innovative brand and the best boutique whiskey for the second year in a row, the most highly rated distillery manager.

An unprecedented Israeli achievement: M&H (Milk and Honey) Distillery has won 8 titles in the prestigious Icons of Whiskey World Whiskey Award for 2023, sponsored by Whiskey Magazine. The victory announcement took place in England on 4 February. This is the most important whiskey competition in the world, taking place every year in England and in which all the leading brands of whiskey compete. The winners are chosen by a jury during a blind tasting.

Best Boutique Whiskey of the Year

For the second year in a row, M&H has been named Best Boutique Whiskey of the Year. The distillery competed against all whiskey brands worldwide and won the title with the Apex Series, limited edition single malt whiskeys including Apex Dead Sea and Apex ex-pomegranate wine casks, which express the uniqueness of whiskey production in the hot Israeli climate and a unique selection of casks.

Even in whiskey production, Israel is the most innovative.

In addition, for the second year in a row, the title wins the title of innovative brand of the year. This title was awarded thanks to the innovation and creativity of the whiskey it produces using Israel's unique climate, allowing whiskey to age in five climate zones throughout Israel: from the Dead Sea, through the Sea of ​​Galilee, to the Jerusalem Mountains and the Negev Desert. Each region of Israel has different temperatures and humidity, which affects the way whiskey is aged in different types of barrels and brings innovation to the conservative whiskey industry.

In addition, M&H was awarded the title due to its use of special barrels for aging whiskey.

The first Israeli to receive the title of Distiller of the Year

Tomer Goren, Chief Distiller by M&H, won the prestigious title of Best Distiller of 2023. This is the first time that an Israeli distiller has won this title. Goren has been the main distiller of the distillery since its inception, and began to produce whiskey professionally in 2003.

First Israeli to be promoted to Whiskey Manager

Gal Kalkstein, a high-tech man, founder and CEO of the plant, became the first Israeli to receive the prestigious title of Most Valuable Manager in 2023. Kalkstein came up with the idea and founded the plant in 2013. Already at the construction stage, he decided to produce whiskey according to Scottish standards, for which he hired the services of a very famous Scottish whiskey consultant, the late Dr. Jim Swan, who helped during the construction stages of the distillery from the selection of distillation boilers to the best raw materials.

 Eight prestigious awards: Israeli whiskey becomes an international brand

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Israeli whiskey wins in two categories

Apex Orange Wine Cask, a single malt whiskey aged in orange wine casks from one of Israel's most respected wineries, Alpha Omega of Yaakov Uriah, and Elements Sherry Cask, a single malt whiskey aged in casks formerly used to age Kosher Sherry and casks formerly used to age American Bourbon, won the category winner. Apex Orange Wine Barrels won the limited edition single malt under 12 category, while Elements Sherry won the unaged single malt category. Both will participate in the final competition to choose the best whiskey in the world.

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