Egyptian TikTok millionaire blogger arrested in SA for 'immoral' video

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 Egyptian TikTok millionaire blogger arrested in SA for

A popular Egyptian blogger has been arrested in Saudi Arabia on charges of posting sexual content.

Tala Safwan, who has five million followers on TikTok and close to 800,000 on YouTube, has sparked anger online over a “lesbian” video. But Ms. Safwan said that was not her intention.

However, the conservative kingdom's police said the video could damage public morality.

Tala Safwan's image with a short haircut and eccentric behavior is aimed at teenagers. In her videos, she discusses TV shows and issues submitted by her – mostly about relationships and funny situations.

In the outrageous video, she chats with a friend from Saudi Arabia, whom she invites to her home, which was seen as sexual innuendo and lesbian overtones – a topic that is still publicly banned in Saudi Arabia.

Tala Safwan stated that the clip was taken out of context with the full video she recorded to cause a scandal.
Riyadh announced the arrest of a local woman “who appeared on the air having a sexual conversation with another woman, which could have a negative impact on public morals.”

from a video in which her and her friend's faces are blurred.

This comes just days after the Saudi media regulator demanded that YouTube remove ads that offend the country's Muslim values ​​and principles. This is a demand follows complaints from parents in Saudi Arabia that their children are shown inappropriate content in ads broadcast on YouTube.

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